We'd love to give our children better education for their future

Our Services

We provide 3 educational systems in one package; Islamic Boarding, School, and Course. Students will learn not only to develop their academic studies and English, but also to embody Islamic values through their daily life. 

Formal Education

Every student studies at Integrated Islamic Junior High School of Al-Mursi

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Islamic Studies

We hold islamic studies such as Ibadat, Akhlak, Tasawuf, includding Arabic as a major of Koran language

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Tahfidz Program

Students are demanded to memorize holy koran at least 3 juzs within three years

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English Course

English is a prior language spoken in every corner of Al-Mursi Islamic Boarding School

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Extracurricular Programs

Several extracurricular programs are held to upgrade skills, such as sport, art, and many others

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Daily Schedule

Time and dicipline are essential, therefore we set up the schedule for each activity

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